Artist in Residence Walton on Thames

Lockdown Gallery Day 1
I am excited to announce that I am Lockdown Artist in Residence at the Riverhousebarn in Walton on Thames from the 15th June until the 5th July.
My plan is to install an exhibition of my work over the first 2 days day and then use the gallery as a studio where I plan to make new work.
I arrived at the Gallery this morning early and spent the day installing some of the work I had taken with me with the help of my lockdown technician Dave ( aka my OH). I lot of my work will hang from the beams so it is good to have some help.
The afternoon was spend pinning together some work which had been dismantled for another exhibition.

To see what I am up to and more photos please go to my 'Lockdown Gallery" on this website and follow my social medial accounts ( buttons on home page)
Also follow the Riverhousebarn website and social media accounts.